Switching to ispmanager 6

Will ispmanager 6 Lite be blocked if the number of domains exceeds 10?

The panel will continue to work. The ability to create additional WWW domains will be blocked, and the user will not be able to create the 11th domain. Management of existing domains through the panel will remain available.


If the number of domains exceeds the license limit, then during the panel update, the user will see a warning about the need to change the tariff plan. The functionality of the websites will be available, while the background tasks will be disabled.

How to correctly transfer integration modules when upgrading to ispmanager 6?

No additional actions are required to transfer the modules. It is enough to upgrade to ispmanager 6 according to the instructions.

How to upgrade to ISPmanager 6

Will updates for ispmanager 5 be released until the end of 2021? Will they be different from the ISPmanager 6 updates?

Until the end of the year updates ispmanager 5 will be released only as part of the LTS. Critical vulnerabilities related to unsupported OS versions will be fixed. New features will not be developed The versions of ispmanager 5 and ispmanager 6 will be different. Ispmanager 6 will be developed according to the roadmap.

What if I have more than 10 domains and I am switching from ispmanager 5 lite to ispmanager Lite 6?

Domains will work, but the ability to manage them through ispmanager will be blocked. Ispmanager 6 only counts WWW domains created in the panel. Autodomains and aliases do not count toward licensing.

Is there documentation for ispmanager 6?

What are the support steps for ispmanager 6?

The support steps can be found in the documentation:

Stages of ispmanager 6 support.

Will there be a trial version of ispmanager 6 Business and how to use it?

Yes, the trial version is available from the client area.

Read more about ispmanager 6 versions..

What are the support steps for ispmanager 5?

The support steps can be found in the documentation. Ispmanager 5 licenses will be sold until June 14, 2021. Until June 15, you can renew and buy an ispmanager 5 license for a period no later than the end of 2021.

What are the conditions for upgrading to ispmanager 6 for perpetual license holders?

Until August 15, holders of perpetual licenses can upgrade to ispmanager 5 and ispmanager 4 free and get a one-year subscription to ispmanager 6. All you need to do is contact our technical support. Buying any missed updates is not required. After August 15, you will only be able to buy a license on general conditions.

I have the ispmanager 5 license by the end of the year and further, but I am ready to switch to ispmanager 6 now

In this case, it is enough to change the tariff. The system will tell you how much to pay in addition, if necessary.