Trial versions of control panels

How to test a control panel before purchase?

You can evaluate the functionality of a control panel before purchase. Install ispmanager on your server and activate a free (trial) license. Such license have no limits by features, but available only for 14 days.

How to install a trial version

You need to install a control panel and activate free or paid license. We recommend that you install a panel on a freshly installed system, each panel on a separate server. Contact our Customer care department should you have any difficulties. For more information see the section Installation and update.

How to activate a trial version

From client area

  1. Enter the client area.
  2. Go to "All services" -> "ispmanager licenses".
  3. Select an ispmanager trial version and click Buy.
  4. Add an IP-adress and description if necessary.
  5. Press activate.

From website

  1. Go to trial page
  2. Fill the questionare
  3. Get the email with token

ispmanager trial cannot be activated. Why?

According to ispmanager rules a trial license can be activated only once on a certain IP address. If you activate the license for the first time, but there is no the “Get a trial version” option, it means that a previous owner of the server (another client of your hosting provider) has already activated ispmanager trail.

To have the license activated, contact our Customer care department. Our managers will reset the activation history on that IP address. Once completed, perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the license file from the server:rm /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.lic;
  2. Download the file again: /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr;
  3. Open the panel on https://<server ip address>:1500/ispmgr, where ispmgr is a short name of the control panel;
  4. Activate the license as described in “How to activate a trial version”

How to upgrade from a trial version to a paid license v6

You can upgrade from a trial version to a paid license without reinstalling the system. All the settings you have made will be kept. To upgrade from a trial version, you need to purchase the license and activate the panel.

DCImanager 6

The license will be upgraded automatically after the trial period is expired.

VMmanager 6

The license will be upgraded automatically after the trial period is expired.

  1. Log into the Сlient area.
  2. Navigate to the Licenses v6 section.
  3. Find the license and click on Renew.
  4. Select a licensing period and payment method. Click on Pay.
  5. Log in to the control panel and click on Update license.