How to switch to ispmanager 6?

Here is the instruction how to upgrade or buy new licenses.

Migration to ispmanager 6 licenses

1. Purchase ispmanager 6


If you purchased ispmanager as an addon to the server, change the "control panel license" parameter in your client area at your hosting provider.


If you purchased ispmanager as a separate service, change your tariff plan. To do this, go to the billing platform. Select "change tariff plan" and pay for the license.

2. Go to "About" in ispmanager and check if auto-update is enabled


If auto-update is disabled, manually update the panel to the latest version.

If the version of ispmanager is lower than 5.295, you should upgrade twice: first to the latest version of ispmanager 5, and then to ispmanager 6.

If auto-update is enabled, the server will update the license automatically within 24 hours.

Discontinuing ispmanager 5 licenses


Licenses purchased before 10:00 a.m. UTC on April 8, 2021, will remain valid until the end of the paid period.


Licenses purchased between April 8 and June 15, will be valid for the paid period, but no later than the end of 2021.


Panels with expired licenses will be blocked. To continue administering websites through the panel, you must purchase ispmanager 6.