14 June 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

Mary Nifontova


Five tools in ispmanager to optimize website speed


To speed up your website, load pages faster, and imprimgove SEO performance, try the tools in our review. All of them are supported in the ispmanager panel and are very easy to connect through it.

1. Node.js – a JavaScript engine that executes code on the server “in parallel”

Node.js is the must-have of web programming. It is a JavaScript environment that converts frontend code to server-side code. The engine is based on an event-driven model: code execution continues even if other processes have not finished transferring data. This makes the program run faster. For example, if the website failed to load an image due to an error in the database, Node.js will continue to perform other tasks, rather than stopping.

2. PageSpeed for Apache and Nginx – modules by Google that optimize loading

PageSpeed is a module by Google, which helps to optimize the speed of the website. It compresses images on the website, analyzes the code on the website and optimizes it, for example, removes unnecessary spaces, hyphenation, and comments. The module can be enabled in ispmanager in the website settings.

3. Percona Server - a database for heavy projects

Percona Server is a free MySQL-based database with high performance. It is suitable wherever high speed and reliability are required. The developers have perfectly optimized the platform, and it works smoothly, even with very large databases.

4. OpenLiteSpeed Web server (released June 21)

OpenLiteSpeed is a high performance open source web server. It can cope with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections and is not demanding on resources. You can refer to thecomparison tests with OpenLiteSpeed, Nginx and Apache on the developer’s website, and the results are impressive. OpenLiteSpeed support will be released very soon, as early as June 21.

5. HTTP/2 – an improved version of the HTTP protocol

The creators have added technologies to HTTP/2 that reduce network delays For example, it can exchange multiple threads with the client simultaneously, prioritize threads, and send information from the cache that has not yet been requested but may be needed. As a result, pages load faster than with HTTP/1. In ispmanager, you can enable HTTP/2 for the entire server at once.

Ispmanager is a website and web server management platform

Ispmanager is a panel for deploying and managing web services. It installs and configures software for websites, mail, and databases. All you have to do is to run the project in the ready-made web environment and manage it through the graphical interface. Here you can download the trial version of ispmanager - free for two weeks.