09 June 2021 Reading time: 2 minutes

Igor Kuzmin

Ispmanager product owner

What to expect from ispmanager 6 in June


The roadmap of ispmanager 6 development was presented on April 14 at the annual ISPsystem MeetUp, and in this article, we will present the upcoming changes to be released as early as June.

Ispmanager 6 has the same architecture as its predecessor, so you can upgrade from ispmanager 5 to a new version without loss of data if you have an active license for ispmanager 6. Now about the changes.


One of the main goals of ispmanager 6 is to make the panel easier to use for both new and experienced users.

During the development of ispmanager 5, its capabilities were increased and the side menu was supplemented with new items. By the end of the life cycle, the menu had become overloaded: 61 modules in 13 groups, which it makes it difficult to navigate. There is no concealing that we sometimes get lost ourselves.

There will only be three groups on the new menu: Settings, Administration and Monitoring. All the main features of the panel are placed on the first level of the menu, which simplifies and speeds up access to the necessary information. Some of the menu items have been renamed to accurately identify the section. For users accustomed to the old menu, we have temporarily retained the ability to continue using it.

For better navigation, we have also reorganized button bars of the main sections of ispmanager 6: we added new buttons, combined them into groups, and moved some of them in the context menu. Among the new buttons, let us mention the ones that link websites to their mailboxes, DNS records, FTP users and databases. Similar link buttons will be provided in other sections as well.

Some of the new solutions are not supported by the ispmanager 5 Orion theme, so Orion support will be disabled with the release of the update.

The structure of lists of websites, mailboxes and other entities, as well as their creation forms will be updated in the future.

Installation of popular CMS

We have studied what CMS are used on servers managed by ispmanager. We selected the most popular ones and created optimized PHP, nginx, and apache settings templates for them. In addition, we implemented their installation using Ansible scripts. The new mechanism replaces the APS scripting system, which is no longer supported by the developer.

PHP for every website

In ispmanager 5, when creating a website, you can select the version of PHP only from the one configured for the user and the common one for the server. Starting with the first major release in June, we will be installing the latest version of PHP in every branch: 5.6, 7.4 and 8.0. You will be able to choose any version of PHP when creating the website.

If you install other alternative versions of PHP, they will also become available for selection in the process of website creation. In June, this will be available for PHP-FPM + Nginx mode, and in future releases for PHP mode – as an Apache module.

In addition to the described changes, there are other modifications and improvements waiting for you. We will tell you about future releases in the articles to follow.

Upgrade to ispmanager 6 to enjoy all updates and new features.