14 October 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

What's new in the October 11 beta release


We continue to make ispmanager easier to use and talk about what's new in the latest release.

Working with filters in tables has become even more pleasant

Not so long ago, we added handy filters for tables to ispmanager, and now we are improving them - now you can change and clear filter values right above the table without going to a separate form. This is especially useful if you have a lot of filtering options configured.

Managing filters in ispmanager tables
Managing filters in ispmanager tables

Have you tried the new filters yet? Tell us in the Facebook community how you like this feature.

OpenLiteSpeed is now available on Ubuntu 22

Previously, the OpenLiteSpeed web server was not available in ispmanager on Ubuntu 22. The new release of OLS works with all operating systems that are supported by the panel - we recommend that you try it.

Changed design for important alerts in the panel

We have changed the appearance of some messages in ispmanager. The goal of the improvements is to make important messages visible and at the same time fit into the design. Now, if there is no network or the server does not respond, a narrow pop-up banner will be shown at the top of the panel. The same banner will be displayed when the trial period is over. We have moved warnings about the operation of some settings to the bars. Such messages used to be in annoying red font.

Redesigned top banner and alerts in the panel
Redesigned top banner and alerts in the panel

Fixed bugs

These are not all updates - visit our changelog to see the list of fixes and changes in the 6.60 release.