04 April 2021 Reading time: 1 minute

ispmanager 6 is going on sale. EOL for ispmanager 5 on 31 December 2021.


Every day isp manager helps to automate web server management and simplify the work of users. The product has already proven itself among millions of users, and we continue to work on its development.

ispmanager 6 is coming soon. This is a new step in the evolution of the classic product. Proactive error correction system, convenience, additional tools for developers — these are just a few of the expected changes.

ispmanager 6 prices, roadmap and migration instructions will be presented at our website on April 15. ispmanager 6 will replace the current version of the panel.

Users of ispmanager 5: about license renewal and purchase starting April 8

  1. Licenses purchased before April 8 will be supported until their expiration date in LTS mode.
  2. From April 8 to June 15, licenses can be renewed and purchased until the end of 2021.

Support for ispmanager 5 will be discontinued starting in 2022:

Sale and renewal of licenses will end on June 15. In panels with expired licenses, databases and websites will be preserved, but managing them will no longer be available.

To continue using all the features of ispmanager, we recommend that you upgrade to version 6. This does not require migration or data transfer — the transition is seamless.

On January 1, 2022, the support and release of updates (EOL phase) will end.

For more information about the support stages of ispmanager see the documentation.