18 July 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

Mary Nifontova


ispmanager news


OpenLiteSpeed support

We have released support for the fast and lightweight OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) web server. It replaces Apache and nginx and does not work in the same panel as them. There are two ways to try OLS:

  1. Select it during the installation of ispmanager - we recommend this method as the easiest and safest
  2. Migrate the existing projects from Apache/nginx. It will take preparation: backups and setup. Some of the functionality available in ispmanager for Apache and nginx will not be available in OLS.

The details were shared in our blog:

Web server competition

To celebrate the addition of OpenLiteSpeed to ispmanager, we have carried out load testing of web servers. We compared the performance of Apache, nginx and OLS. The results were unexpected:

OpenLiteSpeed is fast. But not always

Support for Ubuntu 22.04

ispmanager lite, host and pro versions can now be installed on Ubuntu 22.04.