11 May 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

Ispmanager now supports Node.js


Now you can install different versions of Node.js directly from the ispmanager panel and differentiate access to them between users.

Why Node.js is mast-have-solution

Node.js is an engine that runs JavaScript directly on the server rather than in the user's browser. It has an event-driven model with non-blocking I/O-actions: in Node.js, actions run in "parallel". This allows Node.js to speed up code execution and make your project run faster.

Another advantage of Node.js is the ability to easily transform JavaScript into a versatile application that runs on any platform, up to mobile devices.

How to add Node.js to ispmanager

Node.js is available in ispmanager since version 6.49.0. Use the documentation to install it.

Once connected, you will be able to manage Node.js through the ispmanager interface, for example

  • easily install applications using the configuration file package.json;
  • enable Node.js for selected users;
  • configure alternate versions of Node.js;
  • switch between versions on the website, change application mode from socket to port or vice versa.