01 July 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

Sergei Plekhanov

Timeweb customer service development manager

"With ispmanager, customers with no administration experience can use VDS”


Timeweb is one of the leading hosting providers in CIS region. About 10% of all CIS net is hosted on its servers. Recently the company has expanded the range of tariffs for VDS. The ispmanager website management panel helps to sell more of these services. Sergei Plekhanov, manager of client service development, has explained the details.

Ispmanager makes it easier to support customers on a VDS

Among our clients, there are many companies and individuals running their own business. In the case where the project needs individual and unique requirements for the specific business, we offer the client a more flexible solution, for example, the transition to the VDS. But to manage a virtual server, you need a sufficient level of technical knowledge.

Previously, users who were not ready to work on their own in the console, constantly contacted the technical support and we solved their problems. At the same time, the VDS team was working on automating processes and looking for web interfaces that would help with this. As a result of market analysis and communication with users, the choice was made in favor of ispmanager.

ispmanager Interface: website management
ispmanager Interface: website management

Simple interface

ispmanager has an intuitive interface. When a user moves to a VDS or dedicated server, there are no more obstacles in front of him. In this way, we give the opportunity to use VDS to absolutely every customer.

ispmanager solves the main problem - lack of knowledge and experience in administration

Extensive functionality

ispmanager helps the client to easily resolve any issue: from website hosting, installation of SSL certificate, database management to server support and administration. When we offer ispmanager, we provide our customers with a tool that allows them to independently solve most of their problems. This saves time and resources, not only for the provider or webmasters, but also for the customer.

What features do Timeweb customers like most about ispmanager

  • Configuring domains
  • Database management
  • File manager
  • User management and FTP access
  • SSL certificates
  • Task scheduler
  • Server settings, web-scripts, etc.
  • Server monitoring
  • Working with backups
  • Setting up PHP
  • Integration modules, such as ImunifyAV antivirus

ispmanager remains one of the most popular panels among our users because it is easy to use and provides all the features required for simplified server administration. About 10% of our customers use ispmanager on VDS, and this number is increasing.

DNS configuration is a popular feature of ispmanager. Resource records can be managed directly from the panel
DNS configuration is a popular feature of ispmanager. Resource records can be managed directly from the panel

Try ispmanager to provide customers with shared hosting and VDS/VPS