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Control Panel for web

  • for web developers
  • for hosting providers
  • for admins
  • for website owners

What tasks ispmanager solves

Manages websites and servers

Supports all popular CMS and most custom websites

Simplifies web infrastructure management. The processes are standardized - any user can do it

History of changes is always at your fingertips

Ensures security

Has built-in tools to protect against DDoS and spam, as well as additional security integrations

Receives updates every week

Performs automatic backups

Monitors the status of the system (coming up)

Already now can track disk space usage, memory and CPU load

Monitors running services and active sessions

Logs user actions


Tracks the status of web servers, mail, databases

Monitors website availability and alerts user to problems

Observes the work of the mail and make sure that the mail reaches its recipients.

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Helps Hosting Providers

Reduces the load on technical support

Increases the average purchase amount

Attracts clients with no administration experience

A web server control panel that helps to administer

  • Sites and databases
  • VPS / VDS
  • DNS
  • Shared hosting

Pre-configured online demo

Run a pre-configured online demo to see for yourself the user-friendly interface, flexible features and high speed of ispmanager

Run a demo

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