ISPmanager 5 Business Documentation

Create a database

This is documentation for an outdated product. See the current documentation


A database is a collection of data organized by means of a database management system. Normally it is a set of interrelated tables that consist of columns (fields) and records. Databases allow you to manage large amounts of information over the web. They can be used to run web-based applications as well.

To create a new database:

  1. Go to  Tools Databases Add.
  2. Enter a Name for the database.
  3. Select a user who will be the Owner of the database.
  4. Select a Database server type.
  5. Select a Database server that will manage this database.
  6. Select a default Encoding that will be used for this database. An encoding defines the symbols for the data. We recommend using the universal  "utf8" encoding.
  7. Select the database User who will be able to access the database. If you want to create a new user, select "Create new user". Enter the Username and Password
  8. Remote access — check the box to allow the user to access the database from a remote computer. Provide a List of IP addresses from which access to this database will be allowed. For more information please refer to the article
  9. Enter additional information into the Comment field. It will be displayed only to the control panel administrators in Tools → Databases → the Status column. 
  10. In Database server address you can see the servers that will manage the database.  
  11. Click Ok.