Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Processing module


Navigate to IntegrationProcessing modulesCreate. The integration wizard contains 4 steps: 

  • Step 1  Product type. Select a product type. For integration with ispmanager, choose "Shared hosting".
  • Step 2  Processing module. Select a processing module — "ispmanager".
  • Step 3  Integration. Enter the integration details. 
  • Step 4  Processing module parameters. Enter the parameters of the processing module. 


  • Name — connection name.
  • URL — enter a full URL to the control panel where services will be activated.  
  • Username — enter the name of the ispmanager user. You need to enter the credential of the "Administrator". If you use ispmanager business, you can enter "Reseller" credentials. With this username, BILLmanager will manage (create, suspend) accounts in ispmanager. 
  • Password — enter the user password.

Integration with IPmanager

When you integrate ispmanager with the billing platform, the Wizard will ask you to install IPmanager for centralized management of IP addresses. 

Select the integration that you have already set up before.