Switching to ispmanager 6

What has changed in the partner program due to the renewal of ispmanager 5 on legacy operating systems?

Licenses for panels on legacy operating systems will remain valid after the end of ispmanager 5 sales. That is why we are extending the validity of the ispmanager 5 partner program.

Partner level and license discounts are fixed according to status and turnover for May 2021.

On October 1, 2021, the level will be revised according to the turnover of ispmanager 5 licenses for September 2021. The discounts will then be reviewed at the beginning of each quarter.

The partner program for ispmanager 6 is now active. To join the program, fill out one of two applications:

Important: ispmanager 5 renewals do not count towards the turnover of ispmanager 6.

How does automatic migration work?

Automatic migration will affect all active ispmanager 5 licenses. The OS, on which the panel is installed, as well as the number of domains, will be checked. If the operating system is outdated and no longer supported, the panel will retain the ispmanager 5 license. If the OS is supported, the license will change to ispmanager 6 depending on the number of domains. The validity of the licenses will not change.


If auto-renewal is configured in ispmanager, not only the license type will be changed, but the panel will also be updated.



After you automatically switch to ispmanager 6, the system does not change the license validity period, but generates costs for an additional fee. The amount is calculated so that the new license is active until the same date as the previous license.



On June 1, the client purchased ispmanager Lite with an expiration date until June 30 and paid 5 €.

On June 15, the client's license changed to ispmanager Pro. For ispmanager Lite, there is an unspent amount of 2.5 €.

The license changes to ispmanager Pro for a month at the price of 10 €. The ispmanager Pro license, similar to the previous one, should be valid until June 30 (half a month). Therefore, its cost for this term is 5 €.

However, the system takes into account the unspent 2.5 €. The cost of switching to ispmanager Pro = 5 - 2.5 = 2.5 €

How to start selling ispmanager 6?

Create a new integration with the billing system:

To configure integration with BILLmanager, enter Integration → Service processing module → Create. Create a separate service processing module for each type of service.


Select Product type - ispmanager licenses


URL - https://api-eu.ispmanager.com


For integration into BILLmanager, use the client account that can buy licenses.


For reselling the License as an addon to the tariff:

For tariff plans with the "Virtual server" and "Dedicated server" type, the "Control panel license" addon is available.


The settings are described in the documentation:Reselling ispmanager licenses through BILLmanager.

Will ispmanager 6 Lite be blocked if the number of domains exceeds 10?

The panel will continue to work. The ability to create additional WWW domains will be blocked, and the user will not be able to create the 11th domain. Management of existing domains through the panel will remain available.


If the number of domains exceeds the license limit, then during the panel update, the user will see a warning about the need to change the tariff plan. The functionality of the websites will be available, while the background tasks will be disabled.

What if customers with older operating systems do not want to migrate from ispmanager 5 to ispmanager 6?

As of June 15, licenses for ispmanager 5 Lite will cost 5 euros per month, and licenses for ispmanager 5 Pro will cost 20 euros per month.


Annual licenses of these products are calculated on a monthly basis. In this case, technical support is not provided, and no updates are released.


For customers whose operating systems have reached their EOL, we offer to migrate to a newer operating system and ispmanager 6. This will allow to enjoy the latest updates and extended functionality of ispmanager 6, as well as safer and more stable operating systems.


How to migrate from ispmanager 4 to ispmanager 5

Why is EOL announced for ispmanager 5?

Product development is the goal of any software company. The launch of ispmanager 6 makes the support of previous versions unnecessary. Each updated version is an improved version of the previous generation of software. In developing the product, we are guided by the needs of users.


The main difference between product versions is the elaboration of platform functionality, higher performance and security. More details on the range of modifications are presented in the roadmap


To make the migration to ispmanager 6 as seamless as possible, we set a timeframe for customers to complete the migration. Therefore, technical support for ispmanager 5 will be available until the end of 2021.

A user has purchased an ispmanager 5 license, which is valid beyond EOL. What should be done?

Contract our technical support — we will solve the problem on an individual basis.

What is ispmanager 6? How is it different from ispmanager 5?

Ispmanager 6 is the new version of the popular panel. The main directions in which the product develops:


  1. Improved interface;
  2. Proactive error elimination system;
  3. Monitoring system
  4. Modern tools for developers
  5. Support for popular CMS


To learn more about the functionality of ispmanager 6, go to in the roadmap.


Igor Kuzmin, Product Owner of ispmanager has presented the first update of June 15 in his article "What to expect from ispmanager 6"

Will the turnover discounts remain when I upgrade to ispmanager 6?

Discounts on turnover are maintained for partners who have confirmed their status. To do this, fill out one of the questionnaires:

For hosting providers

For resellers


From June 15, for companies that have not confirmed partner status, discounts will cease to accrue.