Mapping order periods

After importing a tariff plan you can add order periods that do not exist in the selling BILLmanager. To do this, configure the mapping of order periods. If the mapping is not set up, ordering a service for a period that does not exist in the selling BILLmanager will result in an error.

For example, for the "Virtual Server" service, the following ordering periods are available for the tariff in the selling BILLmanager "Month" and "Year". A reselling BILLmanager Reseller purchases the service for one year in the selling BILLmanager and receives a 15% discount. He then adds a new order period to the imported plan. To do this, he selects "Three Months" from the available options. To avoid an error when ordering the service for 3 months, he adjusts the period mapping. Now the Reseller can resell the service to his customers for one month or for 3 months with the "Year" order period . In this case, he sets a new price for the service and makes profit.

When period matching is used, the service will always be valid until the period specified in the selling BILLmanager. For example, if a service is ordered for 2 months in the Reseller BILLmanager and 1 month in the Selling BILLmanager, the service will be stopped after 1 month. Its status will change to "Suspended" in the Reseller BILLmanager even though the expiration date has not expired.

The order period mapping is configured in Integration → Processing modules → Parameters.

Click Add.

The new parameter creation form opens after you click Add button.

  1. Select the Period comparison parameter type from the Parameter drop-down menu.
  2. In the Source period field, type the period you want to replace.
  3. In the Change into field, type the period with which to replace the original period.
  4. Select Compare with tariff plan checkbox. This period mapping works only if you order services on the specified plan.
  5. For Product type, select VPS.
  6. Select the Tariff plan of the seller billing system.