Reselling ispmanager licenses

This article describes how to use API for reselling ispmanager licenses:

The API address of the Ispmanager billing system is:

Authentification is performed with the authinfo parameter which value is authinfo=user:passwd, where user is a username in the billing system https://eu.ispmanager.compasswd is his password.

Order license

To order a license, use the soft.order.param function with the following parameters:

  • skipbasket — do not add services to the cart and charge the client immediately. Possible values:
    • on — activate a service without putting it into the cart;
    • off — activate the service from the cart. This is the default value that you may not specify in the request;
  • ip — license IP-address.
  • licname — license name.
  • period — licensing period. Possible values:
    • period=1 — 1 month
    • period=12 — 1 year
  • autoprolong — license renewal parameter. Possible values:
    • autoprolong=1 — when a client orders a service, auto-renewal for 1 month will be set
    • autoprolong=12 - auto-renewal for 1 year
    • autoprolong=null — without auto-renewal
  • pricelist — tariff code. Possible values:
Ispmanager 6 trial55239
Ispmanager 6 business trial55240
Ispmanager 6 lite55227
Ispmanager 6 pro55228
Ispmanager 6 host55229
Ispmanager 6 business55230
  • addon_X — number of nodes for some types of licenses.

Example of function call;&addon_55236=1&autoprolong=1&sok=ok&skipbasket=on

Renew license

To renew a license use the service.prolong function which has the following parameters:

  • elid — license id.
  • period — renewal period. Possible values:
    • period=1 — 1 month
    • period=12 — 1 year

Example of function call

Change license parameters

The soft.edit function allows changing the IP-address and name of the license. The new license name is passed with the licname parameter, and the new IP-address is passed with the ip parameter.

Example of function call<new license name>&ip=<new IP-address>&sok=ok

Change license tariff

You can change the tariff using the service.changepricelist function.

Example of function call<license id>&pricelist=<tariff code>&sok=ok

Suspend license

Call the soft.suspend function to suspend a license:

Example of function call<license id>

Activate license

Call the soft.resume function to activate a license:

Example of function call<license id>

Check license order

Call the soft.checkip function to check if it is possible to order a license on a specific IP address.

Example of function call

Re-generate license key

To change the license key, call the soft.edit function. The clicked_button=newkey parameters define if the system should re-generate a new key.

Example of function call

Delete license

Call the soft.delete function to delete a license:

Example of function call<license code>

Viewing all ispmanager licenses

To view all ispmanager 6 licenses, including trial ones, execute the request:

Example of the request to view the list of licenses

 project=1 — a parameter that points to the provider