Ispmanager panel bug bounty program


To keep our products safe and stable, we offer rewards for critical bugs found in the panel. The size of reward depends on the type of bug you have found.

Please note that ispmanager website and client area ARE NOT part of the Reward program.


Any problems connected with ispmanager website or client area WON'T BE REWARDED.


Security bugs causing our solutions to freeze or a service to fail due to actions performed by users (not administrator) through the control panel.


Security bugs enabling a user to obtain data that belong to another user.


Security bugs enabling a user (not the main administrator of the control panel) to receive administrator privileges.

How to get a reward?

Submit a report to our technical support describing step-by-step and in detail what the bug relates to, how the issue is discovered, how the problem can be recreated by our team. Attach logs of the control panel with the maximum debugging level.

Our QA will test the bug, and if confirmed, the bug will be registered in the bug tracking system. This process may take up to 3 days.

The client who first reported the bug, will be rewarded via a convenient payment method as soon as the bug is confirmed.

We hope this opportunity will help to resolve problems you encounter, making our solutions even better!