Reselling via WHMCS

Billing system WHMCS. For more info about the system operation, please refer to WHMCS documentation.

To resell licenses, SSL and ispmanager modules Ispmanager noc module was implemented.

Installation and setup

  1. Download the Ispmanager noc module and unzip the downloaded archive (
  2. Copy or move the addons and server folders to the billing folder.
  3. Start the billing program and navigate to System Settings.
  4. Select Addon Modules and click Enable next to Ispmanager NOC Partner module.
  5. Click Ispmanager NOC Partner module Configure and grant rights to the appropriate groups of administrators.
  6. Navigate to System Settings, select Servers and fill in the authorization data (login and password) for Ispmanager NOC.
  7. Click the Add New Server or Create New Group button and fill in the required data for Ispmanager NOC
  8. Make any necessary adjustments and click Save Changes.
If you use billing outside the Russian Federation (EU), then in the Host name field you need to set

View Product ID

In the upper menu navigate to Addons Ispmanager NOC Partner module.

The page will display a table of the products you can resell. The IDs from this table will be needed later.


  1. To start selling licenses, SSL or modules, navigate to Settings, select Products/Services and click Create new product, choose:
    • type – other product;
    • product name;
    • module – Ispmanager NOC.
  2. After creation, click on the Module setup tab.
  3. Select the server group – Ispmanager NOC and enter in the Product ID field the ID of the desired product from the product table; click Save Changes.
  4. Go to the Custom Fields tab and check that the required fields have appeared there. The names of all fields are written with a vertical line. What is after it will be displayed to the user when ordering. If necessary, change everything after the line. For the ispmanager 6 business tariff there will also be a configurable option with the number of additional servers.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments and click Save Changes.

Selling licenses as add-ons

  1. Navigate to Settings and select Product Addons.
  2. Enter the product name and choose Ispmanager NOC module.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. After creation, go to the Module Settings tab. 
  5. Select the server group Ispmanager NOC and enter in the Product ID field the ID of the desired product from the product table.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Go to the Additional Fields tab and check that the required fields have appeared there.
  8. Make any necessary adjustments and click Save Changes.

Migration from an older version of the module

If you need to transfer data from the ISPsystem NOC module, you need to copy the database data from the ispsystem_noc table to ispmanager_noc and reconfigure the products by selecting the new module and updating the fields to the desired format.

If when saving the product new Additional fields with the name containing the sign "|" (vertical slash) were added, for example, licname|License name, and the corresponding fields already exist, but with a different name, then the created field should be removed, and the corresponding field should be renamed to the desired format.


  1. Automatic and manual license renewal is available.
  2. A button for downloading SSL certificate and CSR key is implemented in the module.

Module change log

VersionRelease dateChanges
  • Fixed certificate and CSR download buttons in the admin panel. Previously, only the text on the page was output instead of a file.
  • Added the ability to select the certificate verification method when ordering. After updating the module you need to re-save the product in WHMCS to add the field.
  • Added translation into Russian.
  • Added display of the current and latest version in the admin panel on the module page.
1.6.430.06.2023WHMCS service stop/enable operation fixed.
1.6.313.06.2023Fixed incomplete display of tariffs on the module page.
  • When creating a license as an add-on, the IP address of the main product is now automatically set.
  • The ability to stop and resume the service has been disabled. license key synchronization.
  • Fixed the bug with two licenses when ordering as add-on.
  • Changed the logic of ordering a license as an add-on (hooks are no longer used, WHMCS itself calls the necessary module functions).
  • The `ispmanager_noc` table is no longer used or created.
1.5.309.03.2023Fixed a bug with a syntax error when using PHP 7.2.
  • Fixed the setting of service end date during renewal.
  • Added the setting of current service status during synchronization and renewal.
  • It is now possible to change the name and IP of the license for licenses of the 5th version.
  • Service management buttons in the admin panel are now displayed depending on the service type.
  • A button for synchronization of service end date has been added for the administrator.
  • Date synchronization has been added to the renewal function.
  • The service renewal logic has been changed:

    • services can now be manually renewed;
    • auto-renewal in billing is disabled by default when ordering;
    • renewals will now be triggered by WHMCS itself, rather than by a cron job.
  • Download buttons added for SSL certificate and CSR key.
  • Minor improvements. license ordering logic: now licenses are always re-created when ordering and deleted when canceling.
  • The client now has the ability to change the name and IP address of the license.
  • A field with the service identifier in billing was added under administrator rights.
  • Added the possibility to resell SSL and modules;
  • Updated tariffs;
  • Fixed a large amount of bugs.