Reselling via BILLmanager

Reselling via BILLmanager

BILLmanager billing system belongs to ISPsystem. For more info about the system operation, please refer to BILLmanager 6.

To resell SSL certificates via BILLmanager, you need to perform some actions following the order below:

  1. Integration setup
  2. Importing tariff plans
  3. Editing the tariff plan
  4. Enable reselling

Integration setup

Integration is set up while creating a processing module in BILLmanager.

  1. In the Main menu in the Integration section select Processing modules.
  2. In the form that opens, click Add.
  3. Select one of the Product Type in the tab:
    • "ISPsystem licenses" (ispmanager 6 licenses)
    • "ISPsystem modules" (ispmanager 6 modules)
    • "SSL certificate"
  4. Сlick Select.
  5. Find on the Processing module- SSL certificate tab "BILLmanager 5"tab and click Add.
  6. At the Integration settings step, enter the details required for integration with BILLmanager:
  7. After entering all the information click Next.
  8. On the Processing module parameters tab fill in the fields :
    • Data center;
    • Name – name of the processing module that will be shown in the interface (required field);
    • Department – select a department that will be in charge of the tasks;
    • Sort – module priority;
    • Processing module minimal balance – Enter the minimal balance of the processing module for successful service renewal;
  9. When done, click Finish.
Use a separate account in the selling BILLmanager for each reselling BILLmanager. Otherwise, interaction of billing systems will be broken.

Importing tariff plans

After creating the processing module, import the tariffs.

  1. In the Main menu in the Products section select Tariff plans.
  2. On the form that opens click Import.
  3. On the form that opens select the Processing module, which you have created at the integration step, and click Next
  4. On the Select a tariff plan tab that opens set the following data:
    • Product type;
    • Tariff plan;
    • Provider – Specify the provider.
  5. Press Finish.

Editing the tariff plan

After importing tariff plans, you can edit their name and cost.

To make changes:

  1. In the Main menu in the Products section select Tariff plans.
  2. Select the tariff plan to change and click Edit.
  3. In the form that opens make changes and click Ok.

Enable reselling

To enable reselling:

  1. In the Main menu in the Products section select Tariff plans.
  2. In the fom that opens select one or several tariff plans and click Enable.
To turn off reselling select several tariff plans and click Disable.