Professional services and additional technical support for ispmanager

We will set up and administer ispmanager for you and free you from the hassle. Specialists of professional services help even when there is no one else, because we work with ispmanager every day and know everything about it. Professional services specialists help when no one else can because we work with ispmanager every day and know everything about it.

Why are ispmanager professional services better than outsource?

The work is carried out by an ispmanager vendor. Who else knows ispmanager so well if not us?
For 19 years on the market we have gained a lot of experience in helping our clients and we are constantly replenishing it.
We discuss the list of tasks and agree on their cost in advance. If we have received all the necessary information, the cost will not change in the process of work.
We work with individuals and legal entities. For legal entities we provide a full package of closing documents.
The hourly rate for any task is €12.50 per half an hour.
Nikolay Glazunov
Nikolay Glazunov
Head of ispmanager Technical Support and Professional Services
We have created one of the most popular server and website control panels in the CIS. We know what a server and ispmanager are and how to configure them. But the most important thing is that the CSAT level of our technical support is kept at 95%! And the specialists of professional services are the employees of the Technical Support department.
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Examples of tasks

Migration from ISPmanager 4, 5, Plesk, cPanel to ispmanager 6
Professional services specialists can migrate your sites, users and configuration settings from most popular VPS server control panels to ispmanager. Among them:
I need migration
plesk Plesk
cpanel cPanel
vestacp VestaCP
fastpanel FastPanel
ispmanager 4 ISPmanager 4 and 5
Important: migration can only be performed on up-to-date and supported operating systems and server configurations. For more info please see the documentation. If you are in doubt - please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the best migration plan.

Turnkey ispmanager configuration

We can independently deploy and customize the panel for your infrastructure:
Web server creation;
Migration of domain mail from a third-party service;
Organizing a VPN;
Deploy a website as an application using Docker;
Settings for maximum security of sites and services.
Our specialists can also set the optimal configuration and resources used for individual processes based on customer priorities.
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Configure ispmanager reselling

Specialists can provide full technical preparation of SSL Certificates, modules and the launch of ispmanager for reselling.
All that is left to do is place ads and accept payment.
The reselling configuration service is available if you are using BILLmanager or WHMCS.
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Additional technical support

Need personalized support or a service that is not listed above? You can always order additional technical support. For example, to automate repetitive processes: clearing sid users or importing information once a day.
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How does interaction happen?

Step 1
You submit an application and we will contact you
step 1
Step 2
We evaluate the amount of work
step 2
Step 3
We confirm the list of works and cost
step 3
Step 4
As soon as we get payment we get to work
step 4

Reviews from our clients

Tens of thousands of users choose ispmanager

The best server panel!
Best server panel I've ever used - plesk, cpanel, directadmin could learn from it
Karol, chief administrator
Feedback from the server administrator
The product is easy to use. It was easy to switch from another panel
Viacheslav, administrator
I've been using ispmanager for 4 years
The installation script works fine. There are some difficulties with setting up sites, but reading the documentation helps. There were problems updating versions, but your technical support helped. Thanks for your work
Viktor, data engineer
Ispmanager - professional solution
We have been working for more than two years! Very professional solution and responsive technical support
Viktors, manager
Convenient and relatively inexpensive service
I've been running my servers in this panel for 12 years. I used to have a lifetime license. Now I started paying for a year and it turned out to be 5 times more expensive than before. Don't do this again, otherwise your clients will run away from you.
Pavlo, web developer
Nice Control Panel
I'm used to this panel. Competitors look weaker and more inconvenient to use. Recent changes to the panel look correct.
Mike, UX-UI designer

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