Alternate versions of PHP

Ispmanager supports multiple versions of PHP on a single server. This is convenient when you use several CMS with different PHP requirements on the same server by simplifying the OS configuration to get the website to work correctly.

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Requirements for PHP among popular CMS:

  • Drupal 9: PHP 7.3 or newer
  • Bitrix: PHP 7.2 or newer
  • Joomla 3.9: PHP 5.3 or newer
  • WordPress 5.8: PHP 7.4 or newer.

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Multiple PHP versions on one server

Alternative versions of PHP in ispmanager work in all PHP modes:

  • Apache module (mod_php) - compatibility with .htaccess files. Features high performance - faster than the CG. Low security: errors in one user's script affect the whole server.
  • FastCGI (Nginx + PHP-FPM) is the fastest mode and allows to optimize website performance. If you switch to this mode, you will need additional settings in ispmanager and in the CMS you use.
  • FastCGI (Apache prefork) is faster than CGI. FastCGI consumes less RAM resources. It is also more secure. Errors in one user's scripts do not affect the operation of other users' domains;
  • CGI is the most secure, but the slowest mode. CGI is considered obsolete and is rarely used. Programs and scripts written in any programming languages (both compiled and scripting, including shell) can be used as CGI programs;

Read more about configuring PHP in the documentation section Installing and changing versions of PHP.

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