Site.Pro website builder

Create and customize websites in a convenient website builder is a website builder that can be used by even inexperienced users to easily create a website for their project.

The builder includes from 20 to 200 templates for online stores, blogs, company profile websites, portfolios and others. Each template can be customized: you can change the font, color of the main elements, the set and location of the buttons. Quantity of templates depends on Site.Pro version

The visual editor of is convenient and user-friendly. You do not need programming skills to work in

Projects created in are adapted for both big screens and smartphones.

Who needs a website builder?

Users who want to:

  • create a simple website;
  • have the website up and running fast;
  • create the website themselves, but do not have any programming skills;
  • avoid paying too much for development.

Hosting providers who want to

  • Attract clients with no experience in website development;
  • Make hosting services more attractive;
  • Increase sales by selling the website builder as an add-on;

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Advantages of in ispmanager

Site.Pro allows you to provide a website builder as a service. It will include everything you need to create a website: the website builder itself, hosting, the domain name and the SSL certificate. This is a convenient solution for people who are looking for a simple platform for their projects and do not want to go deep into the details of the administration of hosting or working in the CMS.

The main features of the paid version of Site.Pro:

  • Layout
  • Text editor
  • Picture control
  • Maps
  • Shape

Install the free trial version of ispmanager

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The plugin causes an error in ispmanager. What should I do?

Make sure that the PHP extension "curl" is enabled. Also make sure that the PHP parameter "disable_functions" does not include the "shell_exec" function. If it does, delete it and restart the server.

An FTP error occurs. How to fix it?

Try deleting FTP accounts with the username format "spro_s12abc34" in your ispmanager account. After that, open in ispmanager and try publishing the website.

What will happen to my website if I refuse the services of

The website will remain accessible to users, but you will not be able to edit its content using the builder.

Is it possible to transfer a website from the builder to CMS?

Automatically moving the website to a CMS is not possible, because the builder does not belong to content management systems (CMS). To transfer the website to a CMS, you need to copy the information from the existing website manually.

Is it possible to create a website in the builder and CMS at the same time?

No, you cannot create a website in both the builder and CMS at the same time.