Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in ispmanager

The ispmanager website control panel allows you to automatically install an unlimited number of free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates to your websites

Why do I need SSL certificates for my websites?

Websites with SSL certificates are trusted by browsers, search engines and users.

To prevent browsers from marking your websites as unsafe

If a website does not have an SSL certificate installed or it has expired, visitors will see a message in their browser that the website is not secure. Such messages make you mistrust the resource.

To use a secure encrypted HTTPS connection

HTTPS is a protocol for transferring data between a website and the computers of its visitors. Data that is transmitted over HTTPS is encrypted, so attackers cannot take advantage of it. An SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt confirms that the website uses an HTTPS connection of proper quality.

To rank better in search results

Google recommends installing SSL certificates for any website, even if it is a small blog or a business card website that does not collect user data. Search services will pessimize websites without SSL certificate in their search results.

Free Let's Encrypt certificates in ispmanager

Ispmanager is our control panel for websites, mail and other web services. With it, you can easily install free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. The certificates are renewed automatically.

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Who will free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates suit?

Free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt are suitable for simple informational websites that do not collect user data.

  • Blogs;
  • Hobby websites;
  • Business card websites;

Try the free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt in ispmanager

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Limitations of free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

We do not recommend using Let's Encrypt DV certificates for websites, which collect personal data or accept payments. A DV certificate verifies only the right to the domain. It does not guarantee that the website belongs to an officially valid organization. For corporate portals, online stores and any commercial resources we recommend buying certificates of EV or OV levels. They are also available from us.

About Let's Encrypt certificates for websites

  • Let's Encrypt issues DV certificates;
  • A single SSL certificate protects the domain and subdomains (wildcard);
  • The certificate is valid for 90 days and then renewed. If you are using ispmanager, the certificate will be automatically re-issued;
  • Let's Encrypt does not provide guarantees and does not pay compensation if the certificate is compromised.

How to install Let’s Encrypt in ispmanager

About Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt is a non-profit trusted certificate authority. It issues SSL certificates for free. The issue process is fully automated.

The project was created in 2014. Its goal is for most Internet websites to be able to switch to a secure connection over HTTPS. The main sponsors of Let's Encrypt include the world's leading technology companies: Mozilla, Google Chrome, Cisco, Facebook. Let's Encrypt partners include IdenTrust Certification Center, University of Michigan, Stanford Law School, Linux Foundation.

The basic principles of Let's Encrypt::

  • No cost:

    The owner of any domain can get a trusted SSL for free;

  • Automation:

    Let's Encrypt automatically requests, configures and updates certificates;

  • Security:

    Let's Encrypt promotes best security practices on both the certificate authority side and the website side.

Do all browsers support certificates from Let's Encrypt?

SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt are trusted by most browsers. You can view the list of compatible browsers at the website of the certification center.

Can I protect my domain and subdomains at once with a certificate from Let's Encrypt?

Yes. One certificate can protect a group of subdomains or all subdomains (wildcard certificates).

Why are Let's Encrypt certificates only valid for 90 days?

According to Let's Encrypt, this validity period has two advantages:

  1. This is how the certificate authority limits the damage from compromised keys and erroneously issued certificates. The less time the certificate is used in this way, the less damage it will do.
  2. A 90-day limited validity period of SSL certificate encourages automatic reissuing (this feature is supported by ispmanager) and accelerates mass migration to the secure HTTPS protocol.

Let's Encrypt recommends that you renew your certificates every 60 days if necessary for any reason.

Does Let's Encrypt generate a Private Key for my certificate on its servers?

No. The private key is generated only on your servers, not on the Let's Encrypt Certification Authority server.

If you are a hosting provider

Many users host non-commercial websites. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are a great solution for such cases. Clients get free domain protection, and this increases their loyalty.