KernelCare module for auto-updating the Linux kernel

KernelCare module for auto-updating
the Linux kernel

The KernelCare module will automatically install Linux kernel updates without rebooting or server downtime. The server will receive security patches on time, and thus will be better protected from threats.

Why it is important to update the OS kernel
on the web server in time

The kernel is a critical component of Linux. It provides interaction with the server hardware and distribution of computing resources. Developers are constantly improving the OS kernel: fixing vulnerabilities, adding support for new devices and software, and improving performance. That is why it is so important to update the system regularly. The KernelCare module allows you to do this automatically and without rebooting the server.

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Linux kernel auto-updating without reboot

The KernelCare module is a tool from the developers of CloudLinux. It automatically installs Linux kernel updates and helps protect the server:

  • KernelCare simplifies server administration. The service automatically finds kernel updates, downloads and installs them. You can forget about complicated server reboot schedules, night updates and vulnerabilities. KernelCare is suitable for users with any level of technical expertise.
  • It enhances the server's security You will not miss critical patches, which means the vulnerabilities found in the OS kernel will not be a threat to your system.

What you need to install KernelCare in ISPmanager

KernelCare supports the most popular Linux-based operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. Refer to the developer's website for the full list. The module can run only on dedicated servers and servers with hardware virtualization, such as KVM.

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Who uses KernelCare

More than 4,000 companies around the world update their kernels with KernelCare. These include:

Do I need to reboot the server after installing KernelCare?

No, it is not required.

What kernels does KernelCare support?

KernelCare supports the same operating systems as ISPmanager 6.

What if my kernel is not supported?

KernelCare will mark such a kernel as "Unsupported Kernel" but will not do anything.

Should I keep updating the OS as before?

Yes. KernelCare provides kernel updates, but you need to update your installed software. Updates can be set up in ISPmanager.

Try KernelCare in the ISPmanager control panel

KernelCare can be installed as an extension module for ISPmanager 6 Lite, Pro, Host, Business. Important note: to activate KarnelCare you have to buy the license directly from CloudLInux or a reseller. Read more about the installation in the documentation

ISPmanager Lite, Pro, Host.