Security tools for web servers, sites, and mail

Security tools for web servers, sites, and mail

Security tools for web servers, sites, and mail

Dr.Web anti-virus module

ispmanager’s Dr.Web module gives your server reliable protection from malicious programs. It scans the server's file system and disarms any threats. Dr.Web will protect you from viruses currently listed in the virus database and all emerging threats

More about the Dr.Web module

Dr.Web anti-virus module


Filter traffic by IP and ports

Control iptables directly from the panel: you can deny or allow access from a selected IP range either for the whole site or a single port

Block users by country

Restrict access to users from selected countries based on GeoIP data.

Documentation on blocking access by country

Protection against DDoS attacks


ispmanager’s firewall protects against moderate and medium-level DDoS attacks, parsing, and scans. It has a set of complex rules that are installed on the server and block malicious traffic. You can test the selected rules in surveillance mode without fear of losing useful traffic.

Documentation on the ispmanager firewall

DDoS-GUARD website protection module

The DDoS-Guard module protects your site against even the most powerful DDoS attacks. DDoS-Guard works as a reverse proxy server. It passes incoming requests through a powerful distributed network of servers, which rejects malicious traffic and allows useful traffic to pass through.

DDoS-Guard is a paid module for ispmanager which you can purchase separately

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SSL certificates protect the data that a visitor exchanges with a website. They encrypt all information transmitted (passwords, logins, personal data) so that attackers can’t use it.

Plus, sites with OV or EV certificates are less susceptible to phishing. Since OV and EV certificates contain data about the organization that owns the domain, attackers are less likely to spoof sites with them, and users can verify the reliability of the resource.

ispmanager supports SSL Certificate Management. Install certificates from any trusted center through ispmanager, including free certificates from Let's Encrypt. View SSL expiration dates and owner information directly in the panel.

Documentation on SSL management


Protecting your mail from spam and viruses

Use the additional tools in ispmanager to help protect yourself against unwanted mail and increase the deliverability of your mail. The tools can be installed together with the mail server and then enabled in its settings.

Documentation on enabling spam and virus protection 

Protecting your mail from spam and viruses


DNSBL – check emails against IP and domain blacklists

Incoming e-mails are checked against a list of blacklisted domains and IP addresses from which spam has been sent.

SpamAssassin – spam filtering by email header

Spam Assassin analyzes incoming emails, assigning points for suspicious characteristics (e.g., the phrase "Nigerian Prince" in the header). Emails with enough points are classified as spam

Greylisting – blocking spam based on mail server behavior

Spam emails are usually sent in violation of the SMTP protocol. Greylisting filters them out

SlamAV antivirus

SlamAV checks email attachments and rejects infected files. SlamAV is designed specifically to protect mail servers. It detects and eliminates more than 750,000 viruses

DKIM – improving the reputation of your mail server

To keep emails sent from your server out of spam, ispmanager supports DKIM for mail domains. With DKIM enabled, all emails from your server are signed with a special digital signature. This confirms its authenticity and increases the trust other mail services have in it

More about DKIM