Protect your website with DDoS-Guard

Protect your website against DDoS attacks

The DDoS-GUARD module in ispmanager protects websites from DDoS attacks. The service can be activated in a couple of clicks both for threat prevention and during a DDoS attack. The company guarantees quality of service with an SLA level of 99.5%:

  • Protects against all known DDoS attacks at L3-L4, L7 OSI levels.
  • Hides the client's IP address and server location from intruders.
  • Provides a simple connection by changing the DNS record of the resource.
  • Detects suspicious activity and blocks malicious traffic.
  • Provides faster loading of the website thanks to content caching (CDN) and optimization


DDoS-GUARD has been operating since 2012 and is one of the leaders in Europe and the CIS among DDoS protection providers. The company has its own infrastructure of filtering computing nodes around the world: in Russia, China, USA, Netherlands and Kazakhstan. This approach makes it possible to handle large traffic on a daily basis and cope with massive non-standard attacks.

The quality of DDos-GUARD was evaluated by independent experts. HostAdvice twice recognized the company with the Badge of Excellence.

Protect your websites with the DDoS-GUARD module

Buy for 60€ per month

What are the dangers of DDoS attacks?

In such an attack, the scammers send a powerful stream of requests to the server. As a result, it stops responding. DDoS attacks are difficult to detect because they resemble useful web traffic. DDoS causes websites to lose visitors and businesses to suffer losses. The website begins to work slowly or becomes inaccessible, while companies lose reputation and their ranking in search engines. Often not only the website that is the target of attackers suffers, but also neighboring projects located on the same hosting.

Protect your websites and client's websites with the DDoS-GUARD module

For web studios and hosting providers

  • Client protection
  • Providing reliable service
  • Additional monetization - the DDoS-GUARD module can be provided as a paid service

For website owners

  • Preventing losses due to slow operation of the website due to its complete inaccessibility
  • Preserving the reputation of the business
  • Maintaining SEO rankings

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How DDoS-GUARD protection works in ispmanager

DDoS-GUARD works as a Reverse Proxy. It accepts requests coming to the website and filters them. Parasite traffic is discarded and healthy traffic is admitted to the website.

DDoS-GUARD improves the quality of DDoS protection by optimizing existing and creating new filtering algorithms and using state-of-the-art equipment to provide services. The service works on the basis of a self-developed software. Maintenance of the system is also directly handled by DDoS-GUARD specialists.

What is included in the DDoS-GUARD module rate in ispmanager

The DDoS-GUARD module includes:

  • Protection for 1 domain;
  • Content caching;
  • Protection up to 1.5 Tb/s or 350 M pps (million packets per second);
  • HTTPS filtering, which is enabled on demand;
  • DDoS-GUARD 24/7 technical support.

Protect your websites with the DDoS-GUARD module

Buy for 60€ per month

If you are a hosting provider

With DDoS-GUARD you will increase the value of your services to your clients who care about the continuity of their services. They will appreciate the ease of installation from the ispmanager panel and the affordable price for protection. To set up reselling, email us at