Softaculous application installer

Install and update web scripts for the site

Softaculous is a library that can be used to automatically install popular web scripts and CMS on websites.

Support of over 400 scripts

Numerous scripts for installation on VDS/VPS and dedicated server. All scripts are categorized by purpose, with descriptions and ratings.

Script updates

Softaculous helps to install popular web scripts and CMS on the website. Through the module, scripts can be updated quickly by saving a backup copy of the website files and databases. All this is implemented in a user-friendly interface, similar to the App Store and Google Play.

To deploy a small online store, you need to connect a few scripts: CRM, e-commerce web application, web analytics system, forum, questionnaire. You need to find the current version of each of them, download to the server by FTP, install and configure databases. Softaculous automates this process, saving time for other activities.

Why does a website need web scripts?

Web scripts help you quickly turn a simple web page into a fully functional website: an online store, a social network, a forum, a blog, a music or video portal. They eliminate the need to write code for multiple tasks or pay a web developer.

Examples of scripts for a website

  • Installation WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS;
  • Connecting the Gallery or Piwigo image gallery;
  • Installation of e-commerce applications. For example, PrestaShop or AbanteCart;
  • Connecting a forum or bulletin board with scripts like MyBB or Simple Machines Forum;
  • Creating your own social network, a dating website or community with Dolphin;
  • If you want to standardize customer relationships and collect sales statistics, install a CRM. For example, YetiForce.

These and 420 other scripts are easy to find, install and configure through Softaculous.

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What can Softaculous do?

Quick update

Using Softaculous, you save time not only when installing web applications, but also when updating them. You do not need to follow the news on the websites of script producers; Softaculous will inform you about the update and offer to install it. During installation, it will save a backup copy of the website files and databases.

Support for demos

Almost all paid web applications in Softaculous can be tried before purchase. Install the script you like and make sure you need it.

Rating and review of web scripts

All web applications in the Softaculous library have a detailed description and rating. You can use these when choosing a script for your website. The rating is based on the reviews of 5 million Softaculous users.


You can transfer web scripts downloaded manually or with other auto-installers to Softaculous.

Softaculous is available in two versions: Free and Premium. The free version was created for trial use and it has only 59 scripts. It allows you to evaluate the application interface and its usability. The Premium license of Softaculous includes all available scripts and PHP scripts. It costs 1 euro per month.

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Ispmanager already has scripts, why do I need Softaculous?

The local repository of web scripts in Ispmanager solves the basic user tasks but contains few scripts. The Softaculous library is twice as big and helps to solve a wide range of tasks - Softaculous has already been chosen by 5 million users all over the world. We thought you might like this app, too.

How to add to Softaculous the applications that are already installed on the website?

To transfer scripts to Softaculous, find the necessary application in the Softaculous search and open it. On the application page, press "Import" and follow the instructions.

I got an error warning when trying to install an application through Softaculous. What should I do?

All applications in Softaculous should get installed without any problems. In most cases, users get warnings because they have entered a wrong email address or a database name, which is already in use. Enter a valid email address or another directory and database name. If the problem persists, contact our technical support or contact the developer directly.

How do I update an installed application via Softaculous?

To update an application installed via Softaculous, go to the menu in the upper right corner and select "All installations". If Softaculous has received the latest version of the necessary script, it will mark it with two blue arrows.

Hover over the arrow for details and click to refresh. Sometimes the update fails for a variety of reasons. Softaculous has a backup tool, use it to make a copy of your application and only then update it. If the update fails, you can restore the application and update it again, but manually. Important: You are responsible for the update if you agree to it.

How to change the time zone and language in Softaculous?

Softaculous supports 11 languages. To change the time and language, open the menu in the upper right corner and go to the Edit Settings page. Select the necessary time zone and/or language and press "Edit Settings".