Library of materials for partners and resellers

On this page we have collected logos, brand use guides and promotional materials. They will help present ispmanager to your clients and get more benefits from the partner program.

Rule of spelling for ispmanager name and license types lite, pro, host

The name of ispmanager and its license names lite, pro, host, business are spelled as follows:

  • At the beginning of sentences - starting with the first uppercase letter. Example:
    Ispmanager is a web server management panel. Business is a version you need to set up hosting.
  • In the middle of sentences - starting with a lowercase letter. Example:
    The ispmanager panel has lite, pro, host and business versions.

Downloadable materials

Please use corporate identity elements in strict accordance with the recommendations. This is a mandatory condition of the partner program.


Logos and logo books

Ispmanager logo
Ispmanager favicon
Guide to using the Ispmanager logo

PDF logo book with the rules for using logos


Extra materials

Screenshots library

Ispmanager screenshots archive

Library of promos

Pictures for advertising and paid promotions in several sizes


Auxiliary materials

We have prepared training videos on ispmanager. They can be freely shared on product pages. You can find videos of other products on ourYoutube channel.