Library of materials for partners and resellers

We have put together a package of materials you are welcome to use, fully or selectively, on your online resources, posting them on your website and social media, or including them in your newsletter.

Not only do you stand to earn more by integrating updates on products you have purchased from ispmanager, such as licenses, SSL certificates or modules.

Rule of spelling for ispmanager name and license types lite, pro, host

The name of ispmanager and its license names lite, pro, host, business are spelled as follows:

  • At the beginning of sentences - starting with the first uppercase letter. Example:
    Ispmanager is a web server management panel. Business is a version you need to set up hosting.
  • In the middle of sentences - starting with a lowercase letter. Example:
    The ispmanager panel has lite, pro, host and business versions.

Downloadable materials

Please use corporate identity elements in strict accordance with the recommendations. This is a mandatory condition of the partner program.


Logos and logo books

Ispmanager logo and favicon
Guide to using the Ispmanager logo

PDF logo book with the rules for using logos


Extra materials

Screenshots library

Ispmanager screenshots archive. Last update - 10.2023

Library of promos

Pictures for advertising and paid promotions in several sizes

Example of a page about ispmanager

Adaptive and universal examples

Examples of integration of information about the panel

We agregate examples of several blocks where you can plase information about ispmanager

The article about ispmanager

The document with the review of ispmanager features. The article is almost ready to be published.

SSL Resale Landing Page

Sell SSL-certificate available in your BILLmanager directly on the site

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Download archive (html)
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Extra materials

About the company and co-marketing

This section will tell why we are good to collaborate with and how you can do this.

Presentation about co-marketing
Presentation about the company
Example of sertificate that proves partnership with ispmanager
Presentation for hosting providers

You will know how you can earn more with us

Presentations about modules for ispmanager

Modules description and advantages.

About reselling of SSL
About reselling of Dr.Web
About reselling of DDoS-Guard
You can reach and on-board more audience groups

Ispmanager makes things easier for users with varying competence levels. It is fit for use by beginners and seasoned professionals alike. By supplementing your online resources with a detailed account of the panel and what it can do, you put yourself in an excellent position to get the attention of multiple target audience cohorts at once.

You lighten the load on your support team

When you introduce your users to our solution and give them a full and accurate account of its capabilities, you thereby enable them to act on their own and meet most of their needs independently. This would take some load off of your support team and enhance your users' overall competence level.

Loyalty boost

By adding more, different solutions and features to your product offering, you give your users a better choice and they will be less likely to leave your website. But on top of the better choice and greater variety, it is important that users gain a solid understanding of how each individual tool can benefit them. The materials we have prepared for you are designed to facilitate your client's introduction to our solution and, ultimately, to strengthen their loyalty to your service.


Using our partnership program as a framework, we are willing to share our expertise and train your staff and your users free of charge. The high-value information we share by means of our articles, webinars and team meets is not limited to our product alone; it also explains the processes and shortcut solutions to apply when using the panel. The expertise our team have built up over the 18 years of product evolution will be deployed to accelerate your tech support response and upgrade its qualitative aspects. For their part, your clients will also benefit from their newly acquired competence in many areas.

Learning new knowledge

Your own citation index will get a boost, what with the ispmanager panel being a widely known and popular product. Numerous online resources, including the aggregators of hosting service provider data, make special lists and rankings for companies that offer ispmanager. Your brand awareness and recognition are sure to increase once you get into those rankings.

Knowing your users' "sore spots"

Having amassed data from thousands of clients and partners, we have a pretty good idea of the vastly different goals and challenges that users may face. But most importantly, not only do we know what those goals and challenges are; we know how to tackle and resolve them. And we are prepared to share this information with you. Then you can go ahead and convey it in your user communications: slogans, advertising, articles, etcetera. When you alleviate and/or heal those "sore spots", you strengthen your case as a quality service provider and a top expert in your field, and positive customer feedback comes rolling in.

To wrap it all up, when you post detailed information about the ispmanager panel and put solutions in place to offer ispmanager modules and SSL certificates, you strengthen your users' loyalty, improve competence and brand recognition, and you will be able to get more user needs covered and better meet the existing and prospective market demand.

In case this information is not sufficient, we are always open to discussing other ideas and custom solutions to help you embed our product information into your clients' life-cycle.

Auxiliary materials

We have prepared training videos on ispmanager. They can be freely shared on product pages. You can find videos of other products on our Youtube channel.