Working with databases

In ispmanager you have all the necessary features to work with databases. The panel gets the configuration list from the database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL).

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Possible actions with database

In ispmanager, you can manage MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL databases without switching to phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin:

  • Create and delete databases
  • create and delete users and change their passwords;
  • configure remote access;
  • save a backup copy (dump) of the database;
  • upload a database dump to the server;
  • install additional versions of MySQL and MariaDB.

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Alternative versions of MySQL for websites on the same server

Ispmanager supports multiple MySQL and MariaDB versions on one server. This is convenient if you are using a CMS with different requirements for the database or want to test different versions of the website or replicate one of the databases.

Ispmanager uses Docker to support alternate versions of the database. Each MySQL-server is deployed in a separate container, and this eliminates the conflict of libraries.

Alternative versions of MySQL, documentation

Being in Hosting Industry since 1996, we can definitely say that ispmanager is the most easy-to-use and powerful control panel we have ever worked with. It is really beyond our expectations: easy and powerful at the same time! Our customers love it.

–  Gerasimos Perentidis, CEO @

Having talked to the team, it’s clear that ispmanager has built their legacy overseas by letting customer demand drive their decision-making when it comes to updates. Having tested the technology, we believe ispmanager merges premium-level features with affordable cost — a value offer that is sure to be positively received in the US.

–  PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer of