Database management

Database management

With ispmanager, you can create and manage databases:

MySQL MariaDB PerconaServer PostgreSQL

Right from the panel, you can create database servers and, of course, databases, manage the database users, and configure access. From the interface, you can create, import, and export database dumps.

Database management

Basic DBMS management capabilities

Ispmanager supports the basic database use.  

Without switching to PhpMyAdmin/PhpPgAdmin, you can:

  • create and delete databases;
  • create and delete users & change their passwords;
  • configure remote access;
  • save a backup copy (dump) of the database;
  • upload a database dump to the server;
Basic DBMS management capabilities

Alternative DBMS versions for sites on the same server

ispmanager supports several alternative database versions on a single server. This is useful if you are using a CMS with different database requirements or want to test the performance of your site on a new database version or replicate one of your databases.

ispmanager uses Docker for this. Alternative DBMS versions are deployed in a separate container to avoid library conflicts.

Documentation on alternative versions of MySQL 

Alternative DBMS versions for sites on the same server

Managing database user rights

ispmanager makes customizing database user rights easy, including connecting users, allowing or denying remote access by IP addresses, and stipulating the operations allowed for a given database

Database verification and recovery

ispmanager features mysqlcheck and mysqlrepair, utilities for checking, repairing, and optimizing corrupted tables. This could happen, for example, if a server crashed. These utilities only work with MyISAM tables.

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