Managing the Apache, nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed web servers

Managing the Apache, nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed web servers

With ispmanager, you can install and manage the Apache, nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed web servers

Managing the Apache, nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed web servers

The web servers are installed automatically


A simple and reliable web server for handling static and dynamic content


A fast web server for static content that scales well and is lightweight

Apache + nginx

Nginx serves as a proxy for requests to Apache. This bundle makes your web server powerful and resilient.


The many plugins in OLS can accelerate the server to galactic-record speeds

Apache and nginx can run as separate servers or in combination (with nginx as a proxy server). OpenLiteSpeed is installed separately and is incompatible with other web servers. If you switch to it, you’ll need to reinstall ispmanager.

Web server installation, documentation

PHP Mode Management

PHP mode for Apache

The Apache module (mod_php) is the fastest of the Apache modes. In this mode, Apache processes the PHP code itself, without third-party modules

CGI is the slowest mode and is considered obsolete. In this mode, the web server runs processes to fulfill each request

FastCGI (Apache) is faster 

PHP mode for Nginx

FastCGI (Nginx + PHP-FPM) is the most effective mode. Scripts are processed by the Nginx web server module

PHP mode for OpenLiteSpeed

LSAPI is second only to FastCGI (Nginx + PHP-FPM). Dynamic content is handled by the web server module. OpenLiteSpeed only works with this PHP mode

Documentation on PHP customization

Managing configuration files

Managing configuration files

Managing basic and advanced configuration file settings is easy with ispmanager. This can be done in the "Sites" section.

editor with syntax highlighting

Some of the many site settings that can be modified via ispmanager

To modify the virtual host configuration directly, there is an editor with syntax highlighting.

The editor for modifying the site configuration in ispmanager, with syntax checking.

Documentation for website management

A configuration template engine for nginx and Apache

Apache and nginx start off with basic configurations by default. You can override them either manually or by using the Template engine. You can change the server parameters and PHP settings, and add specific configurations. The templates are saved in ispmanager and an unlimited number of them can be created and used for new sites. This is quite convenient; it makes it easier to maintain uniform settings for all sites created. Besides, the administrator will save time and avoid the errors that arise during manual entry.

Documentation for the template engine

A configuration template engine for nginx and Apache

Modules and utilities for web servers

The PageSpeed Module

A module from Google that speeds up page loading

More about PageSpeed


A version of the HTTP protocol for fast request processing

More about HTTP/2

Web Domain Statistics

The analytics tools AWStats and webalizer display the traffic to your website

More about web domain statistics