Forum Rules

Our community is very friendly. It is a community of professionals and newcomers who ask you to adhere to a few rules:

  1. Treat your interlocutors with respect. Don't use foul language (even disguised), and behave in a cultured way. Remember, an asterisk in the middle of a word doesn't change the fact that the word is still a swear word.
  2. Communicating without politics, spam, off-topic, and flooding. Posts written in CAPS LOCK are not permitted.
  3. Advertising of services is only allowed with the administrator's permission.
  4. Your question for a successful solution must include the following:
  • the full content of the question - what your task is, what you did, what you got out. As much detail as possible to minimize other leading questions;
  • if there is code to attach, and if the code block is small, add it to the message. If there is a lot of code, use https://pastebin.com;
  • if you need, attach a screenshot, cutting out only the relevant part.
  1. It is allowed to discuss not only ispmanager, but any questions on web development, hosting, integrations, and so on but within the designated forum sections.
  2. For non-compliance with the rules, administrators may impose restrictions on a community member.

04.05.2023 05:13