Add CGroups support for resource management

I think this features will be really helpful for us to managed our server's resource.

I'm migrating from Plesk and this feature is what I miss the most. With cgroup I can allocate different resources to my client like CPU (%), RAM, Disk IO. Really helpful for managing limited resources.

If it's possible cgrouping will also spawn services with their username instead. This is helpful in helping us monitorin their usage.

Yes, I do know this feature is available on cloudlinux. But, it came with so much limitations and also increase our licensing costs. We don't want that.

11.07.2023 04:10

Yaroslav Zabagonskii

Hello, Ahmad!

Thank you for the propose. It seems very reasonable. At the same time, we have already evaluated this task before and it is long in realization. For now, this task is not part of our plans. We will leave it in the our backlog.

21.07.2023 13:02