Teddy B

Backup: Simple enhancement with a single archive output


The ISPManager panel is by far the best in terms of performance and it's super intuitive.

Except for one thing, let me explain. The current backup system works, but it generates a lot of files (105mb each). 

You have to decrypt them one by one. Then assemble them all using the CAT command, before decompressing the final archive.

You can speed up the process with a BASH script, but it's not really practical or reliable. Especially when there's a lot of data and a lot of .GZ.PART / .AES.PART files.

What would be nice would be a backup system a bit like the other panels. Still encrypted, we'd get a SINGLE archive to decrypt and decompress.

Or to be decompressed only with a password (this would also make it easier to import backups).

I think this is the only feature ISPManager really lacks.
Otherwise, the panel is really great and stable.

16.05.2024 15:42

Mary K


Thanks for your feedback! Archives are split into small volumes (100MB by default) to reduce disk space requirements. This also allows, in case of partial data extraction, to request only part of the archives from the storage. 
The volume size can be configured; this is determined by the BackupSliceSize parameter in the panel configuration file. In the future, this setting will be included in the interface.

28.05.2024 09:14