ISPmanager 5 Lite Documentation


This is documentation for an outdated product. See the current documentation


This module can be used for managing various features that can be useful for you and your users.

Each function contains certain software that implements a specific feature.


To configure a feature, select it on the list and click "Edit". In the form that will open you will see the services associated with the selected feature.

For example, the edit form for "Web-server" looks like this:

If the feature is active, on the form the recommended software (not the one installed on the server) will be selected. The software that is already installed on the server will display in the field "Installed".

If other software is already installed, in the "Configure feature" form both recommended and installed software will be selected.

If the feature is active ("key" software is already installed), only installed software will be selected on the edit form.

Clicking the button Apply changes will adjust the installed and recommended software. I.e. the software that was not installed, will be installed, the one that is already installed, but was unselected, will be deleted.

The software is installed from the OS repository (the ISPmanager repository must be connected). For example, nginx (CentOS) will be installed with the command yum install ispmanager-pkg-nginx

Update installed features

To update the features, click the "Update" icon and confirm that you wish to refresh the list.

Please note! The system packet manager will start to automatically update the software. This operation may lead to unexpected results. Do not perform this operation unless you are sure what you are doing.

  • Update available software — select the check box if you want to update the cache of the system packet manager.
  • Update software — select the check box if you want to run the background task to update the software installed on the server.

Enable feature

Select the desired feature and click the "Enable" icon. The recommended software will be installed as well. Confirm that you want to enable the selected feature by clicking OK in the following form.

Disable feature

You may disable any of the features you do not need. To do that, select it from the list and click the "Disable" icon. Confirm that you want to disable the selected feature by clicking OK in the following form.