ISPmanager 5 Lite Documentation

Import and export the database

This is documentation for an outdated product. See the current documentation


You can use a dump to import and export data. A database dump is a text file that contains the database structure and data.You can use it as a backup copy and move databases between servers. 

Exporting the data

To export the data from the database, go to Tools Databases Download. The browser will ask you to select a directory to save the file and will save it into the directory for upload. 

Importing the data

Import from a local computer

To import the data into the database from your local computer: 

  1. Go to Tools → Databases → Upload.
  2. Select a File type:
    • File from the local computer — select  a Local file;
    • File URL on a remote server  — enter the URL-address.
  3. Click Ok.