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ISPmanager 5 Lite Documentation

Integration with DNSmanager


ISPmanager can be integrated with DNSmanager that is configured as a slave name server. The domains created in ISPmanager will be automatically created on the server with DNSmanager. Complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to  DNSmanager →  Main menu→ Users and create a new user for every server with ISPmanager. For more information please refer to DNSmanager article  Integration with ISPmanager.
  2. Log in to ISPmanager → Integration → Slave servers → Add.
  3. Enter the DNSmanager URL in the  Control panel URL field.
  4. Enter the DNSmanager Username that was created on the first step. Enter its Password.
  5. Enable the option Synchronize to add the domains that already exist in ISPmanager to DNSmanager. To add only some domains in DNSmanager go to Domains→ Domain names → select the domain → click Update on NS
  6. Click Ok.