ISPmanager 5 Lite Documentation

Integration with Site.Pro

This is documentation for an outdated product. See the current documentation — is a multifunctional website builder for end users and hosting providers. You can install the Site.Pro integration module and use the builder to create websites in ISPmanager.

Installing the module in ISPmanager

The module is installed automatically when the control panel is installed. To install the module manually, enter IntegrationModules → → (Configure button) → Install.

To learn how to work with the module, go to

Configuration on side

  1. Register on as a hosting company.
  2. Create a brand on the license page and select the brand type:
    • Cloud — you will work with the builder on one of the cloud servers;
    • On-Premises — you will work with the builder on the server with ISPmanager. If you choose the "On-Premises” brand type, install the builder according to this guide.
      If you install your own icon or name for the module, reinstall the module according to this guide.
  3. Activate a seven-day trial license and specify the IP address of the server with ISPmanager in the license.

Exporting your site from Site.Pro into ISPmanager

To work with the builder, log in to the website owner account and enter WWWWWW-domains → select domain → Site Builder button.

When you are done, press the Publish button. Data from the website builder will be copied to the server with ISPmanager. The files of the website will be placed in the home directory of the domain that you have chosen when entering