13 December 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

Ubuntu 16 will not be supported in ispmanager after December 31. We recommend switching to a current OS version.


Ubuntu 16.04 will no longer be supported in ispmanager from January 1, 2023. It reached its EOL in April 2021. We have continued to support this OS at users' requests, however vulnerabilities and compatibility issues accumulate in the legacy software. This makes using Ubuntu 16.04 unsafe and limits functionality. We recommend that you migrate to a server with a currently supported Ubuntu version.

Migration to a new server is a recommended option for transition from Ubuntu 16

To switch from Ubuntu 16.04, you can transfer the ispmanager databases to a new server. This will require the second, clean server with a current OS installed on it. To migrate, use the import and export tools in ispmanager. Read about working with the tools in the following documents:

We recommend this method of switching from Ubuntu 16 as the easiest and safest — with minimum downtime and low risk of errors.