02 November 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

The authorization method has changed for the Cloudflare plugin. User instructions


As of November 1, 2022, Cloudflare has changed the way users are authorized - it is now API Token (instead of Host API Key). Users of the Cloudflare plugin in ispmanager need to update ispmanager, create an API Token on the Cloudflare website, and indicate it in the panel settings, so that the service continues to work stably. See the instructions below for details.

How to reconfigure the Cloudflare plugin in ispmanager

1. Create the Api Token on the Cloudflare website

1.1. Register your account in Cloudflare. Follow the link below: Create an account in Cloudflare. If you already have an account, log in:Log in to Cloudflare.

Once logged in, enter My Profile -> API Tokens. Under API Tokens, press Create Token. Then select Custom token and press Get Started.

1.4 Configure the permissions. This is necessary for all functions of the Cloudflare plugin to work correctly. Apply the following permission settings:

  • Account, Account Firewall Access Rules, Read
  • Zone, Cache Rules, Edit
  • Zone, Zone Settings, Read, Edit
  • Zone, Zone DNS, Read, Edit
  • Zone, Zone, Edit
  • Zone, Cache Purge, Purge
  • Zone, Firewall Services, Read, Edit

After the permissions are added, it may take time to update the token data on the Cloudflare servers.

2. Install the ispmanager stable update 6.60.3 or 6.61.1 beta with the bugfix

After installing the update, you will be able to specify the received Api Token in the user settings. There will also be changes to the Cloudflare plugin:

  • The Statistics section of the plugin is temporarily disabled. This is due to Cloudflare moving to a different API.
  • The Always Online option has been removed from the Page Rules.

3. Specify the created Api Token in the ispmanager Cloudflare profile settings

Once you have updated ispmanager to Stable 6.60.3 or 6.60.3 or 6.61.1 beta and created the token, add it to the panel.

Log in to ispmanager as Administrator. Then enter the Cloudflare profile settings and add Api Token to the appropriate field. The token created under the Administrator account will be used by all users.

To allow users to use their own tokens, you must leave the Api Token field empty in the Cloudflare plugin settings. Users can specify their own token created in the Cloudflare profile settings (item 1 of these instructions).

If you have any questions about the Cloudflare plugin in ispmanager, please contactour technical support — we are ready to help 24/7 free of charge.