08 December 2022 Reading time: 0 minutes

Dr.Web Antivirus in ispmanager — the first month is free of charge


On December 6, the Dr.Web antivirus security module was released as part of 6.64.0beta release. You can enjoy it for free within one month! Please, find below how to enable this.

What Dr.Web can do in ispmanager

The Dr.Web module scans the system, fully or selectively, before it cures, restores or quarantines damaged files. You can run the scan manually or as a scheduled task. The Dr.Web module sends reports notifying of detected threats and performed treatment to e-mail and Telegram.

How to get Dr.Web free of charge for a month

Enable the Dr.Web module prior to February 28 and enjoy it for free during the following month. It's simple.

    1. Open ispmanager with root access.
    2. Update ispmanager to the latest beta version.
    3. Following the update, Dr.Web will become available. Go to "Modules" menu and enable Dr.Web.

Important: if you are using ImunifyAV, you have to disable it first, since ispmanager does not let you use two antiviruses simultaneously.

Done! Now, Dr.Web will keep your system safe for free within one month since the moment of its activation.

If you want to use Dr.Web after the end of free period, purchase the module from your provider or at our website.

About Doctor Web company

Doctor Web is a developer of antivirus protection tools. Dr.Web products have been developed since 1992. It is one of the first antivirus software in the world. Dr.Web is now available in ispmanager — we recommend that you enable it to ensure dependable server security.