11 July 2023 Reading time: 1 minute

On August 1, the ability to install ispmanager on Ubuntu 18.04 will be disabled


On August 1, the ability to install ispmanager on Ubuntu 18.04 will be disabled. As of February 1, 2024, the release of updates will stop. This is due to the EOL of the system itself - support for the OS kernel ended on April 30th. For the sake of security and access to new features, we recommend keeping your data on relevant operating systems with regular updates

What should I do if I already have ispmanager on Ubuntu 18?

Ispmanager updates for Ubuntu 18.04 will be released for another six months - until February 1, 2024 - as usual. After that, updates will be disabled, so we recommend scheduling a migration to continue receiving ispmanager updates.

Critical security updates can be released until August 1, 2024. After that, they will also be disabled.

I was going to install ispmanager on my server, what should I do?

Use supported operating systems. We currently recommend Ubuntu 20.04. Debian 10, 11; Ubuntu 22.04, VzLinux 8, Rocky Linux 8 for ispmanager lite, pro, host and AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 7 for all versions are also supported.

We remind you that ispmanager should be installed on a clean server: that means a server with only OS installed and nothing else.

What other operating systems are in the process of being switched off?

We end support after the official EOL, not before. So if have a look at the official dates, two systems have an official EOL in the coming year, e.g.:

  • CentOS 7 — 30 June 2024;
  • Debian 10 — 30 June 2024.