12 January 2023 Reading time: 1 minute

As of February 15, prices for the DDoS-Guard module will be increased


Starting February 15, the price for DDoS-Guard, a DDoS protection module, will rise. Read more about price changes below.

New prices for DDoS-Guard

New module price in ispmanager
Monthly license €60
Yearly license €660 (one month for free)

Price for the module will be changed since February 15, 2023. This applies to both new orders and license renewals.

Why do we change the price?

Since we announced the DDoS-Guard module in 2017, the frequency and intensity of DDoS attacks against servers across the globe has soared. Hence, the vendor's expenditure on the improvement of the filtering quality has risen appreciably. All this could not but affect the pricing, so starting February 15 the module cost is going to be changed.

The new prices for the module in ispmanager are still lower than when purchasing protection directly from DDoS-Guard. Thus, the monthly charge in ispmanager amounts to €60. Whereas the minimum DDoS-Guard charging plan — $100.

What is the DDoS-Guard module?

The DDoS-Guard company's module safeguards websites against DDoS exploits as part of the ispmanager panel.

  • Functioning as a reverse proxy, DDoS-Guard filters your entire traffic using a network of geographically distributed servers.
  • DDoS-Guard can be enabled proactively or right in the course of an attack.
  • Black and white lists are managed directly with the ispmanager panel. A single license secures a domain along with its subdomains.

Common means of DDoS protection, such as a manual port lockout, as often as not prove rather useless. To robustly and timely repel even the most powerful attacks, we recommend using DDoS-Guard.

Benefits of using the DDoS-Guard module with ispmanager

It is far less expensive than purchasing protection directly from DDoS-Guard. The minimal charge for DDoS-Guard as part of ispmanager is €60. Whereas the DDoS-Guard company's charging plans start from $100. The ispmanager module ensures professional protection against DDoS attacks and does not charge any masked fees.