07 July 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes

Linux control panel for beginners


All or nothing. Why use a dozen tools separately when you can combine everything in one convenient system? For example, pack everything into a control panel based on linux for web hosting and get pleasure from work instead of the routine difficulties of a web administrator. We will tell you how life can be improved if you start using specialized software to manage your server and websites - even beginners can do it.

Why use a control panel for web hosting

More than 95 % More than 95% of the million most popular domains on the network are hosted on Linux servers. This is a fast and productive OS, which is not always convenient to manage via the command console. You can make your life easier by connecting a hosting panel.

More than 40% of the web sites where you can identify the operating system are running on Linux
More than 40% of the web sites where you can identify the operating system are running on Linux

Control panel is a tool that combines tools for managing websites, mail servers and databases in one convenient graphical interface. It allows you to fully manage all sites in a single window - the administrator does not need to switch between programs or work with commands in a Linux terminal. Everything related to web server administration can be done in one program.

What tasks can be performed by the control panel taking ispmanager as an example

Installing the control panel based on linux optimizes the administrator's work and saves time on routine tasks. Control panel makes it easier to monitor resources, control users, and increase server security. Using the control panel's web interface, you can quickly set up a firewall, enable DDoS attack protection, and configure user access rights to the server.

Switching to server management using the hosting panel will help to take into account several aspects at once, with which novice administrators have difficulties.

  • Configure web servers. Hosting panel makes it easy to install Nginx, Apache, and OpenLiteSpeed web servers. You can also connect additional software and web scripts.
  • Create web sites. Control panel significantly simplifies life already at the stage of creating websites. The presence of a graphical shell speeds up the binding of the domain name and the configuration of DNS records, PHP and Node.js for working with the site. Using the control panel, it is easy to install a CMS or CRM in a couple of clicks. Often a website builder is integrated into the hosting panel - for example, Site.pro in ispmanager.
  • Work with a file manager. You don't need to use an FTP client to exchange files with the server - you can work through the web interface. The ispmanager file manager has a built-in code editor for modifying configuration files, as well as an archiver. If necessary, you can transfer files using a traditional FTP connection or SSH.
  • Install an SSL certificate. Using the control panel you can quickly install an SSL certificate for the site on the web hosting. In ispmanager there is a module for automatic renewal of Let's Encrypt certificates Let’s Encrypt - SSL doesn't need to be manually reinstalled every 3 months, which is convenient. You can also buy a paid certificate directly from the panel.
  • Manage databases. With the hosting panel, you can manage databases and quickly install extensions. You can also easily configure user access, create database backups, and more.
  • Work with a scheduler. In the hosting panel it is convenient to automate regular tasks with the CRON scheduler. The utility provides for flexible task configuration and relieves the administrator from routine work: through CRON you can query server statistics, make backups, send alerts to users.
  • Mail processing. In addition to site management, the control panel is also suitable for working with the mail server. You can set up a turnkey mail system in the panel: create a mail domain and mailboxes, connect anti-spam protection and work with correspondence in a convenient web interface.

In the control panel for beginners, all data about the server is displayed on dashboards - so it is easy to control the load, track errors in the system, and manage users. The panel maintains an error log, backup recovery is available, and there is prompt technical support.

With ispmanager it is easy to manage a web server

Ispmanager is a universal control panel based on linux with rich functionality that is suitable even for beginners. The panel combines all the tools of a web administrator into a single, easy-to-use interface that is flexibly configured and customizable through additional modules. Even if you have no experience in VPS and Linux administration, you will quickly get the hang of it and manage the assigned tasks.