30 March 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

Mail Import Added to Ispmanager


Dated March 29, the beta release of ispmanager 6.71 introduces mail import functionality. The stable version will feature it as soon as on April 5. We realize that the new tool is much in demand among our users, here and now, so we are releasing the stable version earlier than usual!

Now you can not only create mail domains and boxes, but also transfer all letters, folders and media along with them from your previous server, including Yandex 360. If you are raring to go, you can switch the update to the beta version repository.

How to import your mail

The import option is available both at the administrator level and for those panel users who are allowed to use mail. To start the import, go to the “Mail” section (“Mailboxes” in the business version).

mail list
Find the “Import” button at the end of the toolbar

After pressing the “Import” button, a form will pop up for choosing a source and a mailbox. With ispmanager, you don’t have to get mail domains or mailboxes ready for the migration in advance, as they will be created automatically. The only thing you should take care of beforehand is quotas. To avoid failure, a user has to provide sufficient space for mail domains and mailboxes. Besides, there should be enough room on the server itself for successful transfer of letters and all attachments. You can only import IMAP-enabled mailboxes.

import mail
Each of the import sources provides its own form. In particular, when choosing IMAP, you are prompted for a password, and when choosing Yandex 360 as a source, you are enabled to transfer the entire company’s mail using a single request that doesn’t require user passwords

Please note: : If you fail to specify MX records for the mail domain or do not delegate it to DNS managed by ispmanager, then your mail will be imported, yet it will not start receiving or sending new messages. An ordinary user without domain management rights can only create an “archive“ of their mailbox. Also, owing to certain peculiarities of the importing operation, if there has already been a mailbox with the same name in the panel, then all of its contents will be overwritten with new data. Learn more about importing mail in the documentation for the lite, pro and host versions, as well as for the business version.

How to use

The panel flaunts a built-in GUI for working with mail, Roundcube, that runs using a web browser. If it does not meet your needs, you can set up your mail manually, in particular, in Thunderbird, Outlook or other desktop applications. To do this, select the desired mailbox and open the “Settings for Mail Clients” form.

mail settings
The mail settings provide all the necessary data to connect to any mailing application

Furthermore, there are white and black mailing lists with the ispmanager, and you can add in an autoresponder or a sorter. Learn more about the mail capabilities, its configuration and anti-spam tools in the documentation.

How to try new mail with ispmanager

Mail migration is available without restrictions for all versions of ispmanager 6 updated to 6.71 release. If you are still foreign to ispmanager, feel free to install the panel and try all of its fabulous features. A trial two-week version can be installed on a server where ispmanager has not been previously deployed.