14 November 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

Prices for ispmanager will increase from 2023


From January 1, 2023, the price of ispmanager will increase by 12%. Until then, you can buy licenses at the current lower price. If you pay one year in advance, we give you one month of panel use free.

Price changes for ispmanager from January 1, 2023

lite pro host business
Monthly subscription €5 €10 €15 €20
€5.6 €11.2 €16.8 €22.4
Annual subscription - one month free €55 €110 €165 €220
€61.6 €123.2 €184.8 €246.4

What you will get with ispmanager in the near future

In 2022, we released many improvements to ispmanager. For instance, support for Node.js, OpenLiteSpeed, PageSpeed for Apache and Nginx, Percona Server, and HostCMS. A module with Dr.Web antivirus, Docker and WAF will be released very soon. In 2023, support for MongoDB and the server/website monitoring system will become available. We are also planning to add tools for Python, Django, Git, and OpenVPN to the panel.