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Head of a web studio

"I am an accountant, a lawyer, and a programmer": the head of a web studio says about his work


Nikolai is the head of a small web studio, and he does a lot on his own: both manages development and looks for clients - a typical story for young and compact teams. Nikolai chose ispmanager to manage the VPS: the panel saves time of the employees and insures against errors.

An accountant, a lawyer, and a programmer

I am the head of a web studio. Our team started shaping two years ago, and people are still learning things. So I have to undertake a lot of things: being an accountant, a lawyer, a programmer, a salesman, and a team leader.

Our studio deals with almost everything: from website development to maintaining the clients' social media accounts. As for the technical part, we develop websites and software, for example, we automate business processes of clients. We work with fullstack. This is the standard set of the frontend - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. From the backend for the most part we use PHP, and MySQL for the databases. Now we are planning to do development in React. We try to take up everything we can, everything that we are interested in, and all the tasks that come to us. Whatever that is not yet familiar to us, we learn.

The visual interface is easier to work with.

We work on a VDS because we need more features than shared hosting provides: support for libraries, advanced configuration settings and the like.

You can install different control panels on a VDS. We chose according to the reviews, and the provider also recommended ispmanager. We got used to it. Now I do not even want to switch to a free panel, because ispmanager is stable. Another reason is the support service, which, if anything, you can turn to. It has already become a habit I do not want to change yet.

For us, ispmanager is convenient because you do not need to renew free SSL certificates every time. Without the panel, they would have to be renewed every 3 months.

Managing SSL Certificates in ispmanager
Managing SSL Certificates in ispmanager

No need to go through the console or to set additional commands. The visual interface is easier to use than the command line.

Managing website settings
Managing website settings

Archiving, unarchiving, file manager, domain management - that is what we use most often.

ispmanager saves time for the business. It's also a safety net for other sysadmins who do not work routinely with Linux. ispmanager is very convenient for teamwork: the guys can directly go in and see what is wrong with the server - how it is configured, what is missing. That is, the main thing is convenience.

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