05 July 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

What's new in the June stable release 6.76?


The changes included in the stable ispmanager release from June 28th have been consolidated from releases 6.75 and 6.76.

Changes in ispmanager across all versions

New features and improvements:

  • Added a download manager (F-1387), and the upload form for File manager has been moved to a sidebar form (F-1386, ISP-1060).
  • Added support for viewing PDF files in the gallery (in the file manager) (F-1550).
  • Added a file upload button in the code editor to replace the file content (F-1535).
  • Updated the license management page (F-1518).

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Exim filter for Fail2ban from being created (ISP6-1171, CORE-1063).
  • Fixed an issue where closing all tabs except the active one would close all tabs (F-1549).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the deletion of a user template containing a comma in the name (F-1524).
  • Fixed an issue when importing users via rsync (ISP6-1216).
  • Fixed an issue when editing websites with previously configured access restrictions (ISP6-1218).
  • Fixed the error when validating user PHP settings (ISP6-956).
  • Fixed the behavior of toolbar items not showing child menu items when hidden (F-1557).
  • Fixed redirection when returning from external pages (F-1534).
  • Fixed the hotkey logic in lists: CTRL+A in the path editor no longer selects the entire page; Enter when editing a file name no longer opens the file for editing; fixed keyboard navigation in dropdown menus (F-1533).
  • Fixed the display of pop-up forms on mobile devices (F-1510, F-1529).
  • Fixed the update of the backup completion tooltip in the user list (F-1349).
  • Fixed the handling mechanism of setValues fields if the previous setValues has not finished (F-1168).
  • Now the SSL certificate update starts after the expired license is updated (ISP6-1082).

Changes in ispmanager lite, pro and host

New features and improvements:

  • Added integration with WireGuard VPN (ISP6-1052).
  • Dr.Web: Added the ability to configure the maximum number of scanning processes (ScanEngine.MaxForks parameter) (ISP6-1148).
  • For the sites using PHP Composer, Node.js and Python, added the ability to install packages from the panel interface (ISP6-1190).

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Docker: Changed the behavior of control buttons according to the container's status (ISP6-1115).
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the creation of a directory for temporary site files on OpenLiteSpeed (ISP6-1210).

Changes in ispmanager business

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Fixed the removal of ispmanager-pkg-docker package (ISP6-1174).