04 July 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes

WireGuard: a fast and reliable VPN protocol


Previously, VPN was more common in spy movies, but now having your own private network is a need for almost any business represented on the Internet. Installing a VPN will help you use foreign sites without problems, and also organize a completely secure channel for a corporate or commercial network.

We will tell you about the WireGuard VPN protocol, which is superior to all existing network protocols in terms of speed and security.

What is WireGuard

This is a protocol for creating a VPN - a virtual private network used for encrypted data transfer. WireGuard creates a secure network tunnel over a traditional Internet connection, which provides greater security and privacy.

WireGuard pros

It is a network protocol for VPNs that offers better protection and performance than other tunneling technologies. Unlike IKEv2, IPSec and OpenVPN, which run in user mode, WireGuard code runs in the kernel along with other operating system files.

Результаты сравнительных тестов с сайта-разработчика: WireGuard быстрее и шустрее
Comparative test results from the developer site: WireGuard is quicker and faster

Some more WireGuard pros:

  • Low resource usage. The protocol uses the principle of asymmetric cryptography, so data is encrypted without resource-intensive operations on the server. This significantly reduces the load. WireGuard is suitable for installation on low-power machines, such as home servers for IoT devices or routers.
  • Productivity and performance. WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN and IPsec due to its minimalist architecture and code optimization. When connected to a 1 Gbps port, WireGuard's throughput reaches 1011 Mbps, which is almost 4 times faster than OpenVPN.
  • Low latency. The ping with WireGuard is 3.5 times lower than with OpenVPN. This is also due to the kernel-side operation: the protocol does not need to copy data from the user-mode environment and back, as most VPNs do, in order to process the code. WireGuard also has a predefined connection configuration between the server and the client, which reduces the connection time.
  • High security. The protocol uses Curve25519 and Poly1305 asymmetric keys, which provide better protection than RSA and AES used in other VPNs. Access keys are generated automatically and only for 2 specific devices, which eliminates their centralized storage and increases the security of the protocol.

The WireGuard software code is only 4,000 lines, making it easier to integrate. In addition, the protocol is included in the Linux kernel version 5.6 and above, ensuring high compatibility with all operating systems in the family. The protocol also provides flexible API documentation for creating VPN configurations: WireGuard is much easier to connect and configure than OpenVPN and IPsec.

How WireGuard in ispmanager helps businesses

You can connect the protocol in the ispmanager control panel under "Settings" - "Software Configuration". Read more about how to configure a VPN in ispmanager in our blog.

Configuring a VPN with WireGuard multiplies the security of your corporate or commercial network and opens up new business opportunities. WireGuard is for you if you need to:

  • Protect your data with a VPN on your own servers. The protocol can be used for secure remote access to company files or to create a complete private working network. For example, if a company is required by law to store information only on its own servers to ensure complete privacy.
  • Gain access to European sites and services. Connecting a VPN is much easier than renting your own server in Europe and setting up a working network remotely, and more secure than using third-party services. It's a profitable solution for companies that need access to foreign locations or a secure channel for online commerce.
  • Set up a secure IP telephony. VPN with WireGuard comes in handy for Internet calls to other countries via your PBX. It extends the capabilities of your own contact center: it strengthens the security and confidentiality of communications.
  • Run your own VPN on a foreign server and sell traffic. If there is spare capacity, it is possible to monetize idle server resources by selling access to your own VPN. Given the problems with access to European sites, such a service will only become more popular with companies engaged in foreign economic activity.

WireGuard is also worth considering as an alternative to an already set up VPN with OpenVPN and IPsec. Switching to the new protocol will save time and money on server maintenance: WG is easier to configure and uses fewer resources.

Try ispmanager to configure your own VPN

Our panel supports WireGuard and is suitable for easy management of your own VPN server. Try ispmanager for server management - it's easy and convenient.