Ispmanager reselling program

Make money by reselling ispmanager 6. Simple terms, fast integration your existing business.
Become our partner and get discounts on panels starting at 10%!

Who can participate in the noc-program?
Hosting companies, web studios and data centers.

What software is involved in the program?
Ispmanager 6 Lite, Pro, Host и Business

What licenses are involved in the program?
Monthly and annual licenses.

Advantages of partnership with ispmanager

Exclusive license prices

Buy ispmanager licenses, modules and SSL certificates at discounted prices.


Pay only for those licenses that you have activated within a month, and get a deferred payment.

Marketing support

Get our promotional support in joint promotions, cross-newsletters, and coverage of newsworthy events. Available for resellers wich have more than 50 active licenses.

Universal API

Automate license sales with a full-featured API.

Automatic installation

Install and configure panels with a convenient installer.

24/7 support

Get support when you need it. At any hour or day of the week, our specialists will be ready to help you.

Terms of the reselling program

The ispmanager reselling program has a few simple conditions.

Monthly turnover on ispmanager 6 at least €100

At the end of each calendar month, the billing system issues invoices based on the number of activated licenses. The size of the discount depends on the ispmanager 6 licenses turnover in the last month. If the partner does not reach the minimum turnover within 6 months, the reseller status is removed.

Correct placement of information on the website

To participate in the reseller program, you must post the information about the panel: description, cost, screenshots, guides, and keep it up to date. You will find examples of descriptions and other materials on the "Library of materials for partners and resellers" page

Free reselling

You can resell the panel freely. Regardless of the IP address range.

Submission of a sales or growth plan upon application

Include a panel sales plan or growth plan for your company if you are just starting out.

Legal entity and point of sale

Only legal entities with their own point of sale can participate in the program: those with a website, network or blog and a configured payment system.

Is it possible to exchange annual licenses for monthly licenses?

Yes. Contact technical support through the client area or chat on the website.

How to move to the next discount level?

The system will automatically recalculate the discount after the partner exceeds the minimum turnover of the next step. Important: If in the reporting month the partner fails to provide the minimum required turnover for the current discount level, the discount amount will be reduced.

What happens if payment is not made within the time limit set in the contract?

If payment is not made within the specified period, the company will not be able to buy new licenses or renew existing ones.

Send an application for participation in the program

One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.