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The graphical control element Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within a control panel.

Example: File manager in ISPmanager


<doc ...>
  <elem func="file" name="/">
    <param name="plid"/>
  <elem func="file" name="usr/">
    <param name="plid">/usr</param>
  <elem func="file" name="local/">
    <param name="plid">/usr/local</param>
  <elem func="file" name="mgr5/">
    <param name="plid">/usr/local/mgr5</param>
  <elem func="file" name="skins/">
    <param name="plid">/usr/local/mgr5/skins</param>
  <elem func="file" name="orion/">
    <param name="plid">/usr/local/mgr5/skins/orion</param>

XML description

The breadcrumb element

Contains a list of bradcrumbs.

The elem element

Contains data for the link.

the @func attributea function of the control panel that will be calledthe @name attributea name of the link

The param element

Sets additional parameters

the @name attributespecifies a parameter name